Fast Track Your Vendor Integrations

Connect to any Vendor with one simple App.
Not Next Year. Not Next Quarter. TODAY!


Make the Most of Your
Technology Investments 

If you’re a bank on Salesforce® or a Salesforce®-based platform, you’ve already done the work to put your financial institution at the head of the pack. Now it’s time to unlock VendorLink.


Traditional integrations take months. With VendorLink, you can integrate your ordering in minutes.


Traditional integrations involve teams, consultants and endless detail. VendorLink is as easy as installing an APP.

At a Fraction of the Cost

Traditional integrations cost tens of thousands of dollars just to implement. VendorLink is free to install and has a transparent pay-as-you-go fee structure.



Download the VendorLink Salesforce App into your Production or Sanbox Environment.


We’ll reach out to your vendors with a brief questionnaire and assign them a unique API identifier code.


Using each Vendor’s Unique identifier code, simply create products for each vendor.


It’s that easy! You’re ready to start ordering!

Don’t get lost in another never-ending
Integration “PROJECT”

Simple Install

This is not your typical installation unless every integration takes you 30 minutes.

Eliminate Keystrokes

No more mistype. Map order fields to utilize data already within your Salesforce.

Centralized Processing

Stay right in Salesforce. No need to switch applications or log into multiple vendor websites.

Reduce Emails

Place Orders with the click of a button. Correspond with Colleagues with Salesforce Chat.

Dashboard Reporting

Custom Reports are endless for tracking orders from all your vendors inside Salesforce.

Order Tracking

Manage the status of multiple vendors in one location within Salesforce.